Theses and Projects

Theses and projects at the Institute of Information Security are generally assigned on request, provided the institute has the necessary mentoring capacities.

Are you interested in writing a thesis or doing a project at the SEC?

Please note the following remarks:

  • We only offer projects and theses to students of the University of Stuttgart or University of Hohenheim. Please refrain from sending requests if you are a student of a different university.
  • You first contact Dagmar Gahr. Requests to other institute staff members will typically be ignored.
  • You should have successfully attended one or more of the institute's lectures in order to work on a thesis at our institute.
  • After you have submitted your application and potentially answered any open questions with Dagmar Gahr, please give us a bit of time to check whether we currently have sufficient resources for supervising your thesis/project as well as any topics that suit your profile. We will generally get back to you within two weeks.

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