Advanced Topics in Post-Quantum Cryptography

Master Seminar

The seminar discusses advanced topics in Post-Quantum Cryptography related to the current research in this field.

While the specific topics change from term to term, they usually come from the following fields:

  • Algebra and Algebraic Number Theory (e.g. Algebraic Number Fields, Integrality, Ideal Lattices, Cyclotomic Number Fields)
  • Harmonic Analysis (Poisson Formula on Lattices, Discrete Gaussian Distributions, Transference Theorems)
  • Ring Learning With Errors (Classical and Quantum Reductions, Norm Estimates, R-LWE-based Cryptosystems like BGV and their Security, Fully Homomorphic Encryption based on R-LWE Schemes)
  • Hard Module Problems (M-LWE, M-SIS, Lattice-Based Commitment Schemes and their Security)
  • Lattice-based Multi-Party Computation Protocols (SPDZ Scheme, Overdrive Scheme, Packing Methods for Ciphertexts, Applications to Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning)

We also refer to our lectures Mathematical Foundations of (Post-Quantum) Cryptography or Post-Quantum Secure Cryptography for further information.


A solid background knowledge in mathematics with respect to one of the topics above.


Seminar talks can be given in either German or English.

Organizational Information

Students can register via the general seminar registration of the faculty or directly by e-mail to


Further organizational matters are usually announced in a startup meeting that takes place in the first week of lecture time.

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