This picture showsNicolas Huber


Nicolas Huber

Ph.D. Student
Institute of Information Security


+49 711 685-88356

Universitaetsstrasse 38
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.454

  1. 2019

    1. Bernhard Beckert, Achim Brelle, Rüdiger Grimm, Nicolas Huber, Michael Kirsten, Ralf Küsters, Jörn Müller-Quade, Maximilian Noppel, Kai Reinhard, Jonas Schwab, Rebecca Schwerdt, Tomasz Truderung, Melanie Volkamer, and Cornelia Winter, “GI Elections with POLYAS: a Road to End-to-End Verifiable Elections,” in Fourth International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting (E-Vote-ID 2019), 2019, pp. 293--294.

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